What to Expect on the First Visit

  • Thorough history and examination which may include functional movement assessment, postural screening, orthopedic, and neurological tests 
  • Focus on your main complaint  
  • Identify postural weakness and interference in the body 
  • Unique design, individualized exercise and flexibility program specific for your problem 
  • Multiple techniques to promote healing and recovery and injury prevention 

X-Rays or Other Imaging

  • Helpful and useful especially after accidents or trauma 
  • Gives us a clearer picture of injury or pre-existing problems 
  • Decision to use imaging will be made following your history and examination on a case by case basis
  • Will attempt to use images previously taken at other clinics if available

How Long Will I Need Treatment? 

  • Depends on the problem, type of injury, how long you have had the problem

How Much Will It Cost?

  • First visit: $60-85
  • 3rd party, WCB, MPI, MB Health billing when available

Will it Hurt?

  • Treatment is well tolerated and comfortable for most patients

Do I Have to Come Forever?

  • No. Treatment length varies on your injury
  • Many patients continue maintain their health with periodic checkups and corrective exercise